Did You Know — References

Oil & Gas

Development of oil and gas resources in the Utica Shale formation will drastically increase job creation and economic activity in Ohio. https://ohshalecoalition.com

Renewable Energy

It takes 8,000 components to construct a typical utility-sized wind turbine. https://www.yourcareeverywhere.com/content/medhost/your-care-everywhere/health-research/health-insights/cancer-care-insights/how-does-my-doctor-know-i-have-lung-cancer-.html?utm_source=addimix_sem_38_96_2419169359&utm_campaign=Adimmix_LungCancer

The wind industry employs over 7,500 people throughout Ohio. http://elpc.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/OhioWindSupplyFinal_HQ.pdf

There are currently more than 50 companies across Ohio manufacturing parts and components for wind turbines. http://www.awea.org/learnabout/publications/upload/1Q-11-Ohio.pdf

Ohio ranks second among all states in its potential to make wind turbines and component parts. http://www.repp.org/articles/static/1/binaries/WindLocator.pdf

Since 2005, 236 bioscience companies have either expanded operations or announced new facilities in the state. https://www.bioohio.com/pdfs/growthreport10.aspx

Since the year 2000, the Ohio bioscience sector has added over 10,000 jobs. https://www.bioohio.com/pdfs/growthreport10.aspx

With a broad and deep industry base, Ohio is home to more than 1,345 bioscience-related organizations with 1,800+ locations. https://www.bioohio.com/pdfs/growthreport10.aspx

Over 63 companies are involved in Ohio’s solar energy supply chain. http://elpc.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/OhioWindSupplyFinal_HQ.pdf

Energy Efficiency & Energy Construction

By 2025, Ohio’s investor owned utilities must reduce their energy consumption by 22%. http://aceee.org/sites/default/files/publications/researchreports/E092.pdf

Ohio’s energy efficiency sector is the 3rd largest in the country. http://beyondcareer.com/clean-economy-report-web/

Advanced Energy

Over 800,000 Ohioans are currently engaged in manufacturing advanced energy technologies. http://www.repp.org/articles/static/1/binaries/WindLocator.pdf

"Ohio is one of the few places in the world where all phases of fuel cell development take place." Pat Valente, Executive Director of the Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition. http://www.ohiomeansbusiness.com/newsroom/press-releases/single-press-release.php?id=201

Ohio is ranked fourth in the nation for its potential geothermal manufacturing growth. http://www.bluegreenalliance.org/admin/publications/files/BGA-Phase-II-Report-PRINT.pdf